dear honda, please send me an s2000


Are you even into cars?

I am normally not into cars, like really, I’ve never been into cars before. But when I saw this car for the first time, something clicked, like I just loved it.

Why do you like this car?

There are a lot of things I love about this car, I’ve put it into a list because it is a lot.

  • big hood – I like longer hoods, usually seen on convertibles
  • convertible – they feel nice on the highway and backroads (and when its hot out)
  • its manual – listen, automatics are fine but manuals are my stuff, they are just better
  • Honda – its a reliable Japanese car company
  • RWD – easier to say, drift, than front wheel drive
  • gas mileage – although ~20 mpg isn’t the best, it is pretty good for a track car
  • 2003 – I like Hondas 1990-2010 cars more than their current cars

Which one do you like?

Personally, I like the AP1 2003 three with a front bumper lip. If I were to tell you everything I want, here it is:

  • AP1 2003 Model
  • Red Body
  • Black Sport Rims
  • Black Interior
  • RWD
  • Manual Transmission
  • Convertible
  • Used – Never Driven 18 year old car is bound to be \(\)

Is there even a used car that fits all of these wants?

Yes, there actually is, it is 300 miles from were I live though and I just haven’t had time to check it out. So, Honda if you want to buy this for me and send it to me, please do. ;). The car is here. Honda if you want to purchase this for me, please email me here ([email protected])