I am now celebrating Festivus.


What is Festivus?

Festivus is a holiday created, and celebrated on Dec. 23, to get away from the commercialization of other holidays. It is compromised of three main events:

  • airing of grievances
  • feats of strength
  • festivus pole – trivial, some people dont participate

Airing of Grievances

This is when everybody airs their grievances at eachother. Everything, and no one is allowed to be offended. It is great in my opinion because the day after everyone is fine again.

Feats of Strength

The Feats of Strength is when a lucky individual gets to physically fight the head of the house. This event does not end until the head is pinned on the floor. No excuses to end early. The other fighter is picked by the head of the house.

Festivus Pole

Now, this event is trivial, but it is celebrated by many. The Festivus Pole is jsut a metal pole that you put in your family room with a wooden base.

Why not christmas?

Well, I’ve never actually celebrated Christmas, I don’t now and I never did growing up. My family didn’t celebrate any holidays and we still don’t to this day.

Another reason is because Christmas is all commercial, it’s fake. Santa isn’t real, gifts are meaningless and I’d rather be skiing.

How do I celebrate?

First you have to have family members and friends over by dinner.

Next, you’ll air your grievances, go around the table and anyone can air their grudges at eachother.

Next, eat dinner

Next, the head of the house will select someone to physically fight. This is called the Feats of Strength. This event will not end until the head is pinned.

Lastly, you can all sit around and be a family or friends while seated around an aluminum pole.

There, you celebrated festivus.