why i hate phones -- as a programmer


There are obviously many reasons that people use there phone, they are useful and help people communicate. But, there is a limit of how far phone usage should go. I am going to talk about those, and share my opinion about that topic as a programmer.


As a programmer and technology first guy in general, I see that there is absolutely no privacy. When it comes to fingerprinting, tracking, cookies, and logs; I can tell when data is being stored without the need for it.

For example, Audacity, an open-source audio editor now ships packaged binaries with Google Analytics and Telemetry. Both of these are tracking/ananlytics.


I can tell when a website or app is more complicated than it needs to be, but, the more buttons that can be pressed, the more ads are viewed. This is the business of digital companies. Ads. Ads. Ads.

Apps like Facebook and Twitter get you sucked in by showing simple metrics like how many comments there are or how many likes there are. All of these simple, but useless, stats just keep sucking you into clicking more and more stuff.

Like I said, showing the amount of comments will encourage you to click the little icon and read some. Reddit noticed this, they know there website is based around comments. So, what did they do? They put ads in the comments. Twitter has also done this.

People dont realize there addiction

This isnt "as a programmer" opinion, but more in life in general, people just dont realize there addiction to there phones, it is ridiculous. For example, I’ll be over at someones house after an invite and all they might do is be on there phone. They usually periodically say, "Hey, look at this." then show me there phone. And I am just sitting there pretending to be entertained by my phone so they or I dont feel weird sitting there.

Someone might spend 6 hours on there phone a day and not realize it. The only thing phones should be used for is, making calls, answering emails, texting people, checking stocks/crypto, and other simple entertainment. But, browsing Instagram for 3 hours does you absolutely no good.

Heck, give me three hours and I’ll make a simple but successful MVP and launch it on Product Hunt.


My god, this has to be the worst. Driving has gone down the crap hole since the iPhone in 2007. People used to wave thru there window and id nod back, now, if I look at a driver in a car close to me, chances is they are on there phone. Look at the stats, texting/distracted driving is at all time highs.


why i hate phones